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Lou Van Stone is a conscious music artist who is taking festivals by storm with her unique and ethereal sound, which uplifts and transforms audiences.

Described as a Celestial Singer, Lou Van Stone’s voice carries a powerful healing energy that transports the listener to a place of deep peace. People are reporting that they experience their mind chatter being switched off and replaced by a profound sense of wellbeing and calm.

What Inspires Your Music?
I am so lucky to live in such beautiful place at The Channon, Northern New South Wales, where I am very connected to nature. The views are inspirational and birdsong and the flowing creek create the soundtrack to my day. I draw all my inspiration and energy direct from nature, I download the music from source and then play it back into the earth, I am merely a conduit. I receive so much, I transform it and then pay it back.

The process of songwriting and creating now feels effortless. The songs just appear instantly, the chords and melodies and then the lyrics follow. I sing in channeled light language and create completely spontaneous pieces live and in the moment. This has also started to translate into English lyrics. The light language is incredibly powerful and is able to reach a lot of people. It feels so freeing and I’m able to create and flow wherever I am playing. My mission is to transport people to a place where they feel calm, safe and that all is well with their world.

For the past nine months, Lou has been collaborating with dance producer, Simon Hollway. The pair have secured a deal with German dance label Plasmapool. Their first single ‘You Make The Sun Shine’ has just been released. The track has already made the ‘A List’ on ‘This Is Electric’, London’s Dance Music Station. Subsequent tracks ‘Carry On’ and ‘I Know You’re Out There’ are set for release shortly. This new work is gaining Lou recognition from European mixers and producers.

How has your dance hit come about?
It’s totally serendipitous, how I met Simon Hollway and how well we click, it’s a perfect musical match. I have always passionately wanted to create dance music and realise I write a lot of catchy hooks which are perfectly suited to this genre. Chanting is also a great springboard into dance music as it too relies on hooky melodies and repetition and taking the listener to a joyous, trance like state. The blend of energetic and euphoric dance grooves with soaring, ethereal vocals works perfectly.

What does it mean to be a Conscious Music Artist?
I’m totally inspired by the power of sound. Everything is sound and sound penetrates the body and we can feel it in our whole being. As Sound Healer, Chris James says, we have an incredible responsibility as Conscious Musicians, to walk the talk. We have to be totally focused and committed to our work and spiritual practice, so we make ourselves as clear a vessel as possible. Because, when people listen to our music, they are taking the vibration and energy into their body, if this is not in integrity, then they will be affected. This is why listening to angry, harsh music, would have a negative effect on the body and spirit of a listener. I feel like I am a sound athlete, training every day, to constantly tune myself into the correct frequency.

I feel honoured that people allow my sound in and that it has a positive effect on them, it feels good when someone gives good feedback about this. Just the other day, a lady came up to me at a festival and said “I was feeling so stressed and scattered when I got here and now I’ve heard your music, my mind feels washed with peace”, that’s a ‘good day at the office’!

How does it feel to be living your purpose?
I am really loving my work, travelling around and sharing my music with people. I am meeting so many amazing souls and having wonderful connections. It is great to get hear good feedback from audiences and to know what I am doing is working for them. We all want to feel useful and that we are making a difference. This has never happened in any other work I have done in the past.

My previous incarnation was as an advertising creative in London and Sydney, writing and producing TV and Radio Commercials, and print ads. It was a ‘Shadow Career’ as it is referred to in the book ‘The Artist’s Way’. At the time it was very exciting and I was able to be creative and express myself up to a certain point, but I always felt frustrated, like something was lacking. I know now that my true vocation lay in music.

I pinch myself every day now I am following my true path and I’m loving every minute of it. I have had such amazing support from other artists like Prem and Jethro from Sacred Earth, Sika, Kevisha Mazzella, Sangeeta from House of Bliss and Deva Premal and Miten. Beautiful people who have such a wealth of knowledge to share. It helps to have musical family watching out for me.

Lou has recently returned from the Conscious Living and New Earth Festival in Melbourne, where she performed as a solo artist and formed an electrifying collaboration with Internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist, Sika and Aria Award winning singer, songwriter, Keshiva Mazzella. As a result, Sika and Lou have joined forces (another musical marriage, made in heaven). The pair will be performing at concerts in Sydney, and on tour in the UK and France later this year. On 27th June, Lou will be launching her CD ‘Line To Divine’ at a concert in Byron Bay.