With a sound that’s constantly evolving, Lou combines soaring, ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation. The beautiful, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide.

Lou’s life has been transformed by sound and she is passionate about sharing this gift with others. A classically trained soprano, she has also performed with some of Australia’s leading names in Jazz. Lou merges different styles and influences to create a unique sound that’s inspired by her love of sacred sound. Described as a ‘Celestial Musician’, Lou taps into the divine source, bringing forth captivating melodies and a powerful healing energy.

Lou’s previous incarnation as a jazz singer also comes to the fore as she creates spontaneous, improvised compositions live and in the moment. Channeling the music of the spheres and singing the language of light. The versatility of Lou’s unique sound, means that she can straddle several genres. From blissful, transformational, meditative soundscapes, to chill-out, groove-based, inspirational songs and right out the other side to euphoric dancefloor anthems.

For the past two years, Lou has been collaborating with world-renowned dance producer, Simon Hollway. The pair have already secured a deal with German dance label Plasmapool. Their first track ‘You Make The Sun Rise’ was released in April 2015, receiving international airplay and making the ‘A List’ on ‘This Is Electric’, London’s Dance Music Station. This was followed by ‘Carry On’ which scored high on dance floors around the world. This year they signed with Swiss label 5howtime. Their single ‘Follow Me’ was released earlier this year.   Their latest offering ‘I Know You’re Out There’ is to be released on April 25th through respected UK label Kinky Trax. This includes mixes by esteemed producers Andy Allder and Alex Raider.

Lou performs regular concerts, plays at Festivals and runs Sound Healing Journeys and workshops around Australia and Europe. Festivals include Mind Body Spirit (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) Conscious Living New Earth Festival (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney) Health Harmony and Soul Festivals, (Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle) Earthcore (Melbourne), Festival Of Dreams (Sydney) Upflift Festival (Byron Bay) Byron Spirit Festival, Little Light Festivals (Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast) Starlight Festival, Moonlight Festival (Byron Bay), Conscious Life Festival, Discovery Festival (Sunshine Coast), Canberra Spiritfest, White Light Festival (Gold Coast) Wellbeing4Life Festival, Renewal Festivals (Byron Bay) Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) The Hill That Breathes (Italy) Wrekin Trust, Isbourne Centre (UK).

She has recently returned from a European tour, appearing at The Fairy Festival in Cornwall and The Seed Festival, Gloucester, as a solo artist and in a exciting collaboration with international artist, Sika. The pair perform regularly together and will be releasing an album together in 2016. She also played at The Healing Weekend Festival, Somerset. She performed in Chalais, France and ran a Sound Medicine Healing Workshop. She has also been working with chart topping blues and devotional artist Premananda, the pair have just released a live album ‘Love and Light’ and performed concerts in Glastonbury, UK in July and in Melbourne in November. More dates are promised for 2016.

Lou has appeared on Soul Traveller Radio, ABC Radio, Bay FM, and has been featured in the Byron Echo, Northern Star, White Light Magazine, Conscious Living Magazine, Oddities Magazine and Lightworker Advocate Magazine.

She has been a member of kirtan band ‘The House Of Bliss’ and funky devotional dub outfit, Mantra Ray, both acts have headlined at the Evolve Festival, and Uplift Festival, Byron Bay. She has also performed with award winning US artist Fantuzzi, and kirtan groups ‘Lucknow Sankirtan’, ‘Mel Dobra’ and ‘Jai Ma’.

Lou has been privileged to have worked with some of the world’s leading inspirational speakers, providing live music for meditations and processes. She has performed for Brandon Bays - The Journey, Turiya Hanover - The Path Of Love , Jeddah Mali, Global Paradigm, Dr Arne Rubinstein - Founder of Pathways, Voker Krohn - Director of the Hoffman Institute.. Rahasya and Nura Fritjof Kraft – Inner and Outer Adventures, Mitchell Coombes – TV Psychic, Seven Network, ‘Sunrise Show’ and Michael Wheeler – Psychic, Channel Seven’s ‘The One’.

Lou has recorded seven albums, including Awakening To Big Nature Feelings, produced by esteemed Australian artist, Rick Price and All Is Well with producer Leonardo Guardo. In February this year she completed her latest album, ‘Line To Divine’ with producer Michael Worthington and is just about to receive a publishing deal for her catlogue of albums. She is currently in the studio working on her next project ‘There Is Beauty’, due for release very soon. Her new single ‘On Our Golden Wings’ is currently with US producers and is expected to be released in 2016.