“The bell-like quality of her voice, spine-shivering harmonies and lungs that can sustain a note for longer than anyone in the industry. One of the most dazzling and unique vocalists on the scene”.
Simon Hollway, EDM Producer

"Lou’s celestial voice connects me instantly to the realm of the angels. Truly truly beautiful. Lou’s music is perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, finding inner peace and simply reminding me of my inner light and truth. Thank you Lou for bringing heaven to earth through your music, I am very grateful."
Prem Williams - Sacred Earth Music Australia

"Exquisitely beautiful music. Lou’s ethereal voice uplifts and transports you to a very special place. The perfect soundtrack for a blissful day”.
Adrian Moore, White Light Magazine

“Lou, you really have angels standing beside you when you sing. Your music is so beautiful. If the whole world could tune into this, our planet would be a much happier place. Thank you Lou for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. Many blessings beautiful goddess.”
Rhonda Lauer

“Your music creates a foundation for the spirit. You usher in the presence”.  Wayne Lucene, Spirit Streams

“Beautiful beautiful music”. Jethro, Sacred Earth, Australia

“Amazing sound from heaven, awakening and connecting me, bringing tears into my eyes. So powerful, I was shaking when Lou was singing. Thank you beautiful Lou Van Stone."
Vivian Tong, Brisbane

“Lou’s very heartfelt music touched me to my core”
Kate Harrison, Brisbane

“My head and mind have been washed by peace!!”
Robyn Scott, Melbourne, Australia

“I found myself in a little bubble of perfection”.
Sue Kent, Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you for the grace that is waking up in my heart when I listen to your songs !!!"
Patrick Izzo, Salies du Salat, France

"You saved my sanity!"

Julie Gustavson, Gold Coast

“She is a force of nature”.
Dave Weller, Sydney

"Trying to verbalise the effect of your music, Lou is beyond my capacity. If I were to attempt it, though, I would say this: Whatever it is that the sunshine and nutrients do to a plant to cause it to grow and flower, such is it that the essence of your voice and sound react to my being to cause my heart and soul to expand and flourish."
Saxon Bostock, Roof Plumber, NSW, Australia

“Sitting here tonight listening to Lou’s CD, tears pouring down again, oh gosh...I feel inadequate to write something that comes close to encapsulating what Lou does and the gift she has given me, but here goes: Enveloped in Color, Incantations, vibrations, integration, a blending, flow, devotional, abiding harmony, the joining of masculine and feminine, sanctuary - A lullaby from the Divine Mother, God, Goddess, All That Is. An Aria for the Soul and pure driven BEAUTY. These are the words and feelings that came to me as I entered the sacred space that Lou creates with her voice and her music.
I have had a "hole in my heart" for over 40 years, it's gone now-- no longer a cold, sad wind whistling through it. A profound healing has taken place through her music and I am forever changed. Blessings on Lou & her work.”
Ruthanne Martin, Tarot Healer, France

“Lou has shamanic power, guided by unseen forces and intuitive skill. I could feel the music profoundly in my energetic field and body. Lou’s sound took me on a spirit journey that was deeply ancestral and reconnected me to an ancient bloodline. She sang me through visions I’ll never forget, her tonal range reaching through earth and heavens”.
Dani, Singer, Byron Bay, Australia

“I have been blessed to see Lou Van Stone in concert. The beauty and the deep power of her singing really touched my soul and I found I had tears pouring down my face. This is the most soulful singing I have ever experienced in a live performance. I now have two of her CD’s for use in healing sessions and my husband uses them for massage. I will also be using them in the advanced Life Alignment courses that I teach for the Merkaba movement. I highly recommend her singing for pure joy, upliftment and soul connection.”
Arleen Hanks, Life Alignment practitioner and trainer, Byron Bay, Australia

“No words can truly describe Lou’s voice. Ethereal, beautiful, I literally felt the music tingling through my body, permeating every fibre of my being and raising my vibration. Truly a voice channeled from the celestial spheres.
Kathryn Breakwell, Melbourne, Australia

“I was drawn to the source of the music by a feeling in the heart. Lou’s CD has become a loved companion of my journey, listened to often, fallen asleep to and woken up to . It was truly a timely gift in a time of great lostness As I write this, Lou’s music accompanies me . I wish to thank her again for this great gift which so often brings me to the feeling of home in myself . There is no greater gift than this”.
Rhys, Photographer, Victoria, Australia

“Lou’s gift is a blessing to the Earth. Thank you”.
Rikki Evans, Melbourne, Australia

"You know the beauty one radiates when living 'on purpose'. That is Lou Van Stone, an amazing being of grace - her music and lyrics are a pleasure to listen to."
Trudy Brooke, Naturopath and founder of Begins Within...
Naturally Clinic, Isle Of Capri, Queensland, Australia

"Your music is inspired by angels."
Dave Hume, Brisbane

"I just feel i need to say WOW! What a beautiful voice. Listening to Lou is a most wonderful experience and makes me feel All Is Truly Well in my world. Thank you so very much."
Beryl Hunger, Darlington, UK

"Lou's music, chanting and voice are sublime. Listening to her is a very beautiful, magical experience. Observing Lou is like watching an angel who at times becomes a child and then again becomes an angel."
Valerie Hapke, Journey Therapist, Sydney

"I have been blessed to be able to listen to her incredible voice and witness as the music has evolved to embody the graceful love of sound that flows through her...I am eagerly awaiting her new CD when it becomes available. I have had the privilege of witnessing Lou play alongside Deva Premal and Miten. Her music and voice are definitely of the same incredible quality of these accomplished musicians. I was extremely excited to be able to offer her album'Awakening To Big Nature Feelings' to my clients and am eagerly awaiting her new one."
Yantraji, Founder of Living Alignment, Sydney

"Lou's voice, music and energy just carries you wherever you need to go. She is a great gift to anyone who wants to 'touch in' and 'be touched'. I play her music a lot in my health retreat and my clients love it. So yes please, we are waiting for the next one to come out soon."
Rago Dahlsen, Director Byron Bay Health Retreat

"So many different, amazing feelings".
Darren Harris, Queensland

"We became familiar with Lou Van Stone's singing work and tonal therapy some years ago. We have since played her CDs at our events in The United States, Europe and worldwide."
Jeddah Mali, International Mentor, Author and Teacher, founder of Changing The Paradigm and member of the the Global Coherence Initiative, USA/UK

"We can attest to her superb musicianship as a performer of keyboards and voice, with an astonishing purity and power of vocal sound production that is breathtaking."
John and Rosemary Butterworth, Co-founders of The Southern Cross Academy Of Light, Sydney

"We are truly blessed to have Lou sing her sacred songs during our meditations and workshops. Lou brings a beautiful quality and all of our participants love her presence and her superb voice."
John Callanan and Julia Rochelli, Workshop Facilitators, Byron Bay

"This amazing music so resonated with me that the hairs on my arms stood up. Amazing healing qualities."
Judy Suchting, Gold Coast

"This music vibrates in my head. Awesome!"
Sue, Gold Coast

"I have been lucky enough to have Louise play for me at various workshops that I have run in Sydney and on the Central Coast. Her music comes from a place of Divine connection and her singing is extraordinarily beautiful. Her 'Awakening To Big Nature Feelings' CDs have sold out at every event and we can't wait for the next one."
Gaynor Foster - Director, Sydney Oneness

"I have used Lou Van Stone's CDs in my work (and for personal pleasure). It is of a very high standard and very much enjoyed."
Judith Long, Social Worker, Lismore Base Hospital

"Thank you for this great day. The following Sunday my family arrived and we play your CD. They all say FANTASTIC!"
Rieky, Chalais, France

"I run seminars in the field of personal development and I use Lou Van Stone's music within my programme. Lou is a brilliant devotional music artist. She creates an amazing connection through her voice and music. I am inspired whenever I am exposed to her art. Not only is Lou's music great, but so is she. She has a wonderful gift of voice and heart and I fully support her in all that she does".
Peter Jones, Personal Development Workshop Facilitator, Byron Bay

"I have been playing 'Awakening To Big Nature Feelings' continuously in my car".
Lisa Gaines, Oneness Course Participant, Sydney

"Her voice is beautiful and perfect for devotional music."
Ronda Welsh, Sydney Oneness

"Lou has a beautiful and engaging vocal style and has achieved a high level of piano skills and technique. She has always demonstrated high levels of integrity and compassion. I am glad to commend her musically and personally."
Steve Russell, Head Of Keyboard Studies, Southern Cross University, Lismore


"Finally my search for a good voice teacher ended when I met Lou. Straight away she impressed me with her singing talent, but also teaching skills and ability to pass on not only techniques, but also passion for singing. The whole day workshop was well organised and thought through, to leave people equipped with a range of different tools to improve their voices as well as healing abilities. The day with Lou left me totally inspired and uplifted. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. A great THANK YOU to Lou, an amazing singer, brilliant teacher and a lovely person, I feel privileged to have met her".
Anna Sorowiec, Cheltenham, UK

"Lou's 'Singing For Serenity' workshop was a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I particularly benefited from the sound chakra toning. Well worth driving all the way from Brisbane to Lismore for a day to attend it and I look forward to singing with Lou again in the near future."
Dave Hume, Brisbane

"Thank you Lou for a most enriching day".
Valerie Blake, Chalais, France

"Lou's workshop was not only a wonderful experience, but also provided valuable strategies for me to use in therapy. I can now use voice and sound healing as an alternative modality to enable work on energetic levels other than the physical. We are all energy, so naturally respond to sound. Thank you Lou."
Cait Devey, Adolescent Case Manager and Family Therapist, Mission Australia

"Thanks for a beautiful day. I really enjoyed coming into a different place and remembering the healing qualities of sound. Great!! Lou has a lovely presence."
Lisa Kesztler, Music Student, NSW

"I loved the workshop, I found it really helpful to use my voice, in front of other people for the first time. It was a great relaxed and safe space to do that in. I loved 'Singing For Serenity' and feel so much better for having done it".
Shay Colyer, Lismore, Australia