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Full Moon Sound Healing Journey with Lou Van Stone

March 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A unique, powerful and transformational sound journey powered by the full moon, that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised.

Beautiful ethereal and shamanic singing, relaxing sonic frequencies, divine harmonies and channelled light language merge with the abundant energy of beautiful crystals, playing in harmony with the abundant energy of this Super New Moon in Scorpio. Creating a beautiful sense of inner peace and a deeper connection to your intuition and a clearer vision for your path ahead.
Leave the world at the door as you lie down and let go during In this harmonious session. This will be your time to receive and resonate as the blissful sound works through you. You’ll emerge feeling lighter, deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.
A serene, soothing soul-healing experience that will transport you to another dimension.
What you can experience from the session:
Balancing and re-alignment of your Chakras
More clarity and insight
Better sleep
Improved intuition
Deeper connection to the feminine
Deeper meditation
A heightened sense of awareness
Clearing of blocked energy
Letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you
Enhancing a feeling of abundance and prosperity in your life
A more profound connection to yourself, others and nature.

This is your opportunity to receive. Give yourself a rest and let the sound transmission do the work for you. There’s nothing to do, nothing to learn, no need to strive, just BE.

To experience the music from one of Lou’s recent live online events, click here:

About Lou:

Celestial singer, Channel, Sound Healer and multi-instrumentalist Lou Van Stone is a vessel for the forces of nature, absorbing the energy from her rainforest home and birthing it into song. The beautiful, bell-like quality of her voice, with its five octave range is moving and transforming audiences world-wide. Lou is a regular performer and presenter at Mind Body Spirit Festivals and many other healing festivals Australia wide and overseas.


“I totally loved Lou’s ‘Whalesonica Sound Healing Voyage’ This is what I experienced. At first I was me swimming with the whales, swirling and twirling around, then I had blue white eyes and was wearing a crystal headpiece. Atlantean times, I saw a past life with these animals. The water was so beautiful and warm, seeing and looking at them directly into their beautiful eyes. Then my third eye became a whale, swimming alongside with dolphins, turtles and jellyfish. I ended up somewhere off Western Australia In the end xxxxx omg so so relaxed xxxxxx”
Caroline Drayton, Melbourne

“Since Seven Chakras Sound Healing Journey, I’ve been really having a lot more ease with some areas of my life I had been avoiding for some time. Things are changing…This session was very deep and profound in many ways. I’m still shifting even after the session has finished. Thankyou Lou”
Lisa Coulson, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you so much for your Seven Chakras Sound Healing Journey last night. I went straight to sleep and had one of the soundest sleeps I’ve had in a long time. I feel very blessed to know you and be a part of this group. It was so beautiful. I chanted and floated and sketched my chakra shapes this morning. I’ve received a different message and different symbols with each sound healing. Last night I heard the words ‘you’re held’ which was very comforting”.
Marianne Lopez, Australia

“Divinity, peace and pure joy… thank you Lou Van Stone your magic transcends the boundaries of this world”.
Laila Savolainen, Australia

‘Amethyst Crystal Sound Healing Journey was totally amazing. When I went to work on the Monday in the crystal shop, all I could see was amethyst, it was so much brighter and intense than the other crystals. I was blown away by this. I also felt a transformation. Violet came through as the lady I work with said ‘there is a man in a violet robe by your side’ and I thought to myself ‘really if that’s not symbol of syncronicity, then I don’t know what is!’ To me, it’s my warrior who is here to protect me. I love your voice and the instruments were incredible, I came to a violet pool of deep knowing. Thank you!
Rozália Brien

“I absolutely loved this latest Online Sound Healing Journey from Lou, mind you I love all the sessions, but anyway. For the last few days I have been doing more of what I like, more of what brings me peace and less of what other people want me to do if it does not (bring me joy). I’m worrying less about what others think, want or expect…so nice!!!! Thank you Lou xxx”

“Thank you Lou for making this possible for so many of us! I am feeling the last two Sound Healing Journeys are still reverberating, things take hold right away and others seep in it seems.”
Ruthanne Martin, Chalais, France.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the last session and saw amazing colours at times. Very relaxing and I slept well that night.
Diane Barnes, Australia
“Lou’s voice is like rainfall after a long drought”.
Kajsa, Brisbane

“Amazing sound from heaven, awakening and connecting me, bringing tears into my eyes. So powerful, my whole body was vibrating while Lou was singing. Thank you beautiful Lou Van Stone.
Vivian Tong, Quantam Healing Centre Brisbane

“Lou’s celestial voice connects me instantly to the realm of the angels. Truly truly beautiful. Lou’s music is perfect for yoga, meditation, massage, finding inner peace and simply reminding me of my inner light and truth. Thank you Lou for bringing heaven to earth through your music, I am very grateful.”
Prem Williams – Sacred Earth

“The Celestial Sound Healing Voyage I experienced yesterday with Lou was, indeed, the most profound Sound Healing I have experienced anywhere in the World, and I have been to many. I felt my whole body being re-worked on all levels (spiritually, emotionally and physically), past life traumas lifted, current life damage and abuse removed, and my whole body flexibility was worked on. I felt my body vibrating intensely. After I felt as if I had been massaged deeply in every cell and the vibrating continued for hours. The final experience was to glimpse an intensely loving past life where I had known true, unconditional love, the flow of giving and receiving simultaneously, from childhood to passing, in an idyllic South Sea Island tribal kind of existence. The lasting residual today is my eyes look more open, there is a deep relaxation and fluidity of movement in my body, and I feel freed, ageless, happier”.
Linda Brook, Intuitive Healer, Psychic and Sacred Singer

“Sitting here tonight listening to Lou’s CD, tears pouring down again, oh gosh…I feel inadequate to write something that comes close to encapsulating what Lou does and the gift she has given me, but here goes:

“Enveloped in Colour, Incantations, vibrations, integration, a blending, flow, devotional, abiding harmony, the joining of masculine and feminine, sanctuary – A lullaby from the Divine Mother,
God, Goddess, All That Is. An Aria for the Soul and pure driven BEAUTY. These are the words and feelings that came to me as I entered the sacred space that Lou creates with her voice and her music. I have had a “hole in my heart” for over 40 years, it’s gone now– no longer a cold, sad wind whistling through it. A profound healing has taken place through her music and I am forever changed. Blessings on Lou & her work.”
Ruthanne Martin, Tarot Healer, France

“I treasure the intergalactic Light Download Lou channelled for me. It transported me through space and time. The information I received was so concentrated that it keeps on graciously unfolding. Lou is a delightful, pure channel for the higher knowledge, wisdom and cosmic love to be downloaded, anchored and therefore bringing complete transformation to individuals and to the collective. May you always be connected to your Luminous Source and keep on shining bright your light”.
Besymih, Gold Coast

“I heard Lou Van Stone at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne two years ago and was completely blown away!! I have attended many of her Celestial Sound Healings and a Light Language Activation. I use her music also in my healing studio with clients as it’s simply Divine. Every sound healing journey is a completely different experience and I have had significant energetic shifts both during and after a journey. So looking forward to the next Lou Van Stone journey.”
Helen Forster, Intuitive Healer, Melbourne

“Lou has shamanic power, guided by unseen forces and intuitive skill. I could feel the music profoundly in my energetic field and body. Lou’s sound took me on a spirit journey that was deeply ancestral and reconnected me to an ancient bloodline. She sang me through visions I’ll never forget, her tonal range reaching through earth and heavens”.
Dani, Singer, Byron Bay, Australia

“I believe that once in every millennium, God brings forth a voice that can surpass all others and bring those who want to listen, closer to the Divine. Lou does that for me and many other people that I know”.
Paul Bulbert, Newcastle

“Lou, you really have angels standing beside you when you sing. Your music is so beautiful. If the whole world could tune into this, our planet would be a much happier place. Thank you Lou for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. Many blessings beautiful goddess.”
Rhonda Lauer


March 18, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Lou Van Stone
The Sangha Room